Nubian Heritage Bar Soap - Patchouli and Buriti - 5 oz

Nubian Heritage Patchouli & Buriti Bar Soap. Toning & uplifting. A blend of exotic buriti oil, moisturizing shea butter and rose hip seed oil work together to create a luxurious, fragrant and hydrating cleanser. Made with: rose hips. Heritage: A time-honored Amazonian beauty secret, patchouli relaxes and soothes the senses while buriti oil, made from the fruit of buriti palm, known as the "tree of life," hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Highlighting the ingredients' brightening properties, our package symbolizes happiness and is representative of Thailand's textile industry, which economically empowers countless communities and employs over one million individuals. Certified organic ingredients. Cruelty free. Ethically traded ingredients. Sustainably produced. No animal testing. Humble beginnings: Nubian heritage is the brainchild of two New York street vendors. In 1992, fresh out of college and without jobs, rich and nyema embarked on a mission to produce luxurious natural products from traditional African recipes with organic and fair trade ingredients. Today Nubian heritage offers hundreds of culturally authentic natural products inspired by global ancient healing philosophies. Although Nubian heritage products are no longer made in bath tubs, little else has changed; the company still makes its own products, still uses fair trade and organic ingredients and still invests in community commerce.