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  • 3255 Golf Road, Delafield, WI 53018
  • Phone: 262-646-9483 [**Departments**](http://sentrydelafield.freshopsite.com/our-departments)
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    • 1 cup Chopped Pecans
    • 4 tablespoons Fleischmann's® Original Spread-tub, divided
    • 1/2 cup apple jelly
    • 1 large butternut squash (1 large = about 3 lb)
    • 1 pound carrots, peeled, cut diagonally into 3/4-inch-thick slices
    • 5 tablespoons maple-flavored pancake syrup, divided


    1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Place pecans in large heavy skillet; cook and stir over medium-high heat 3 minutes, or until lightly toasted. Stir in 1 tablespoon of the Fleischmann's and 1 tablespoon of the syrup. Reduce heat to medium; cook and stir about 1 minute, or until pecans are dry and glossy. Remove from skillet; set aside.
    2. Peel and seed squash; cut into 1-inch chunks. Place in large bowl. Add carrots; mix lightly. Melt the remaining 3 tablespoons Fleischmann's. Pour evenly over vegetables; toss to coat. Spread evenly in large roasting pan.
    3. Bake 35 to 40 minutes, or until vegetables are tender and lightly browned, stirring occasionally.
    4. Meanwhile, mix jelly and the remaining 4 tablespoons syrup in large skillet. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Cook until mixture thickens and is reduced, stirring frequently. Drizzle over vegetables; toss lightly to coat. Spoon into serving dish. Sprinkle with the pecans.